Educational Services

Educational Services

What sets DIRC apart is its commitment to education and its partnership with the

University of Toronto’s Faculty of Pharmacy. DIRC is an active training site, developing the drug information skills of postgraduate pharmacists (Doctor of Pharmacy Program, pharmacy residents in hospital, community and the pharmaceutical industry) as well as undergraduate pharmacy students.

Training in drug information is offered both onsite and offsite for pharmacy students and graduates. A comprehensive, structured, onsite, one-month training program is available to interested students and pharmacists. Please contact us for more information.

DIRC is involved with medical writing for a variety of publications and audiences. Training to improve students’ writing skills is an important component of the education provided at DIRC.

DIRC staff are also available to provide continuing education for pharmacists in either a didactic format or an interactive workshop format.

Recent topics presented by DIRC pharmacists include:

New drug overviews

Using the Internet for drug information

Critical appraisal of health information on the Internet

The role of drugs in specific conditions

DIRC pharmacists also act as facilitators for OPA Educational Programs .

Hear what pharmacists have to say about DIRC’s educational events, along with the continuing education sessions at the 2006 OPA Annual Conference.