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What is the Drug Information and Research Center (DIRC)

What is the Drug Information and Research Center (DIRC) From modest beginnings as a drug information service for pharmacists, DIRC has evolved and grown to become the leading provider of evidence-based drug information in Canada. Staffed by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic group of health professionals, our team is customer-focused and committed to contributing towards improved health and quality of life through the promotion of optimal drug utilization. Our drug databases are constantly updated and our drug information experts can sort through the medical literature to give you the patient-focused answer you need - right now.

DIRC is owned and operated by the Ontario Pharmacists' Association, the voluntary, non-profit professional association of pharmacists and pharmacists-in-training in Ontario.

From a core strength in knowledge transfer and translation, DIRC has expanded into several areas including drug information to pharmacists, drug information to the public, outsourced drug information for pharmaceutical companies, written drug information, consultant services, teaching and education.

Our History

DIRC has been a part of the Ontario Pharmacists' Association (OPA) since 1997. Before moving to the OPA, a drug information service was operated by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. DIRC services have grown considerably since that time and it is now the major resource centre for drug information services in Ontario.

The Key DIRC Mandates

  • To contribute to improved health and quality of life for the people of Ontario through effective drug therapy.
  • To help reduce health care costs caused by inappropriate prescribing, incorrect drug utilization and drug wastage.
  • To support the key role of pharmacists in the health care system.
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